Petunias Photo Pack

Just released a new photo pack of 5 images. Perfect for summer products. The images are in .jpg format and are 4288 x 3216 pixels and 480ppi. Plenty large enough to create just about any product available at most online shops such as Zazzle, Cafepress, Spreadshirt, etc. Image

You can purchase this pack for $1.50 at  Sherry’s Camera Store at Storenvy

Below are some examples of what I have done with these photos however you can manipulate the images, add text, filters, solid colors… just use your creative juices to make your own products with my digital image resources.


Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Vibe Case at Zazzle at Sherry’s Camera Shop


Watercolor Purple Petunia Coffee Mug at Sherry’s Camera Shop on Zazzle


Watercolor Purple Petunia Throw Pillow at Sherry’s Camera Store on Zazzle

ImageWatercolor Purple Petunia Planner at Sherry’s Camera Shop on Zazzle

When you purchase any of my Photo Packs, you can use them to create anything, digitally like these items or you can print them for scrap booking for profit, stationary or anything you can imagine.

These are extremely affordable resources to allow you to grow your product lines.



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