Hand Them Your Calling Card

In the old days before telephones, cell phones, fax and email, when you wanted to make sure someone knew how to contact you, you gave them your calling card. This was the individual’s version of a business card.

This little card is real popular and I sell  it though out the year. In fact, I get more repeated sales from customers on this product than any other. The there are several sizes and finishes to choose from so that you can add a special touch and feel when you say, “Here… get a hold of me”.

Front and back:

Forget Me Not front

Forget Me Not back

New2Here is a brand new item. It is called “Vintage Floral Chubby Calling Card”. The style is “chubby” because it measures 3.5″ x 2.5″.  (Sold in a 100 card pack.)

Front and back:



Zazzle has many font styles you can pick from to create the look you want. While the place holders are “Address 1”, etc… you can put any thing there you want instead.


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