My Terms of Use:

My only stipulation is no one is allowed to copyright the original photo as obtained from Sherry’s Camera, whether by purchase, newsletter offer or freebie.

Many of the items I create on Zazzle are made from my digital photos and I know it is hard to obtain photos for sue use without having to credit the source of the photos. Many of these sources will not allow commercial use of the photos without purchasing a commercial use license.

With photos obtained from Sherry’s Camera, no one is required to credit me as the source. If you are using these photos on Zazzle or Cafepress, etc then you are free to make money without having to credit me, although credit or mentions are always welcomed.

If you are a scrap kit designer, tagger, website/ blog designer or want to us these images, you are free to make money or use in many manner so long as you do not resell the original image in the original state. Do not put your copyright on the photo. Make banners, alpha sets, backgrounds, photo-manipulations, etc. USE the photo to enhance your creations. 

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